One Size Does Not Fit All

We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach. Not every solution we have works for all companies. Instead with our unique sales training approach, we study each of our clients’ businesses—in depth—and customize our solutions to make them relevant.

From the beginning, we have honed, refined, distilled, reworked, rewritten, tweaked, edited and reinvented our core teachings—always with the aim of making them as simple and usable as possible.

Our litmus test is this: If our clients aren’t able to apply their learning in the field the very next day – we haven’t done our job.

Double digit growth is achieved at the intersection of sales strategy, sales leadership, and sales and service capabilities.

Sales Management Disciplines

Sales management is the highest point of leverage for sales organizations. In our latest sales culture survey, we asked “Do sales managers have a model to provide feedback to their people?” 44% said no.

Sales Strategy

In order to maximize the potential of any sales organization, it must have a clearly articulated sales strategy of where it wants to go.

Sales and Service Capabilities

In our latest sales culture survey, we asked if each member of the sales force is highly effective in the communication needed to secure sales and build strong client relationships and the average response was 5.8 out of 10. Effective communication skills are the foundation of our sales training solutions.

How We Maximize Your Potential

1. Research

We build a partnership with you and your team because we care not only about the success of your organization, but about your professional success as well. We collaborate with you to conduct in-depth research to understand your organization’s current capabilities, challenges, and opportunities through site visits, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and ride-alongs.

2. Design

Our subject matter experts pull from our robust library of proven sales training content and tools to create highly relevant and integrated sales training solutions that are specific to your culture and needs. By creating strategic links to your business, strategy, competencies, and systems, our solutions reinforce your key priorities and build a common language and approach across your organization.

3. Deliver

Our industry leading facilitators deliver exceptional learning experiences that change mindsets and jump-start results. Across 20,000 participants trained last year, our faculty’s average score for relevancy, compelling content and experience was 4.8 out of 5. Pairing our deep expertise with industry experience increases the likelihood that the tools and skills learned are immediately implemented by your team.

4. Reinforce

Single event training experiences do not produce sustainable results. We have a comprehensive and unique sales training approach to leveraging technology and for reinforcement. All of our solutions have reinforcement options built in to create lasting business results. We collaborate with you to determine the reinforcement systems that will work best in your sales team.

Create Sustainable Sales Results

Take the learning beyond the classroom and into real life with Connected Learning.
These 2-3 minute videos and tools are sent to participants via email, and can
be viewed anytime, anywhere and on any device, with no log-in required.