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Baxter is a multi-billion dollar healthcare company that manufactures medical devices and specializes in bio-sciences. They partnered with DoubleDigit Sales to effectively execute their sales strategy.

“The process is not simple, but the output is and you can drive it right down to the lowest levels of the organization.”

– Mike Hamilton, Business Unit Director


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Individual Action Plans for Increased Results


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When Markets Get Wobbly

In times of uncertainty, when markets get wobbly, there is one certainty – sharp businesspeople will reach out for ideas and directions that will help them keep their balance. Accordingly, an eager crowd came to hear speakers from Baxter Canada, Dynamic Funds and The Globe and Mail – from very different economic sectors: healthcare, personal investment and news, respectively, along with host DoubleDigit Sales. What they heard was testimony to the force-multiplying power of corporate alignment via DoubleDigit Sales’ Strategic BluePRINT process.

One of the central insights gained in DoubleDigit Sales’ 13 years of helping companies empower and energize their sales teams is the critical importance of alignment within the organization. A sales force that is not just selling, but working to fulfill corporate objectives, deliberately and explicitly, will achieve greater success for itself and for the company than one that is simply maximizing volume. DoubleDigit Sales’ BluePRINT tools and templates are a foundation on which a company can articulate its own objectives, then align these objectives down through the organization, across the interacting functions such as marketing and operations to maximize cohesion of effort, and out to key customers to keep responses synchronized with the market’s needs.

“Ultimately, two understandings came together: BluePRINT was valued by managers and wasn’t going away – and it worked.”

Diverse issues brought the presenters to BluePRINT, and ultimately to this event. Speaking for Baxter Canada, part of a $13.7 billion manufacturer of medical devices, Business Unit Director, Mike Hamilton, noted that while the company had a well defined corporate strategy, the sales strategies and methods differed from division to division; health-care providers wanted consistency.

For Baxter, the BluePRINT process had a time horizon of three years from inception to realization, a process complicated by a history of implementing and dropping similar initiatives. Ultimately, two understandings came together: BluePRINT was valued by managers and wasn’t going away – and it worked.

“The process,” says Hamilton, “is not simple, but the output is simple and you can drive it right down to the lowest levels of the organization.” A mix of people were pulled into the early processes, which were sliced into manageable bits. Thorny issues were hived off to dedicated teams, then folded back into the mix when solutions were found. Buy-in was advanced by the familiar tactic of enlisting fence-sitters to the early work. Given responsibility, they took ownership and made the whole process work. What he would do again, he now says, is involve marketing and operations much earlier in the BluePRINT process. “I treated this as a sales strategy that had been cascaded down from corporate. If we’d had the others involved earlier, we’d have had good momentum earlier in the process.”

He knew BluePRINT had clicked when he joined in a major sales call and saw the representative draw on his BluePRINT notes at a tricky – and successful – moment in discussions.


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